Listen Up - "Love Yourself First"

The best gift you can give yourself is loving yourself! I can't emphasize enough how important it is throughout your walks of life to make loving yourself a priority. Why is this such an important factor in life?

First, loving yourself allows you to love other people. When you don't love yourself, you may shield your love and affection towards others because you don't have that genuine love for yourself - how can you share something that you yourself don't possess?

Second, when you love yourself, you will be selective as to who you allow in your life. You won't allow anyone in your life who does not love you the way you love yourself. When people don't love themselves, they may allow toxic relationships and people in their circle causing them to endure a lot of struggles, heartache and pain.

Last but not least, when you love yourself, you are just happier in life. You approach life more confident, secure and content because you know what it feels like to love and be loved. Take those steps towards loving who you are today. Start with telling yourself everyday (1) you are beautiful, (2) you love yourself and (3) you are unique.