Listen Up: Writing In A Journal Is A Good Way Of Releasing Troubling Feelings

When you are angry, how do you release your feelings?  Instead of taking to social media and "airing your dirty laundry", try the old fashioned way - grabbing a pen and paper.  

Writing is always a healthy way to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life.  Not only does writing help you release your stress by "getting your feelings off of your chest" but you will also have the opportunity to revisit your feelings at a later time to assess the problem and what your options are to address the situation.

The author of this journal entry below wanted to share one of her heartfelt writings that opened her eyes to a problem that she needs to address.  She realized from writing in her journal that she is angry about a situation and needs to address her feelings as soon as possible.  She is now taking the time to put together her strategy to address her concerns so that she can let these feelings go.