Listen Up: Tips On Building Your Self-Confidence

With the everyday pressure to achieve an unrealistic idea of beauty, it is no wonder that self-esteem and confidence is a constant struggle. From turning on the TV to opening up a magazine, we are constantly bombarded with images of "perfection". The ideal body that many girls strive for is becoming harder and harder to achieve. So how do you keep your self-esteem intact and love the skin you are in?

If you are in need of a confidence boost, try these quick tips that will give you that push you need:

1. Think positively: When you're feeling self-conscious, there's nothing worse than a negative thought process. If you're constantly critical of yourself, your self-esteem will surely suffer. Start to focus on all the things that you love about yourself and your achievements and start writing them in a journal. When you start to feel down, go back and review those items and remember all the good things that you wrote down about yourself. Continue to add in your journal often.

2. Walk with your head up high: Chin-up is an instant confidence booster. Confidence shows when you step into a room and your head is held up high. If your head is down, it is a sign that you may not be feeling too confident. Focus on keeping your chin up when out and about. That gives your confidence an instant lift.

3. Dress to impress: To start feeling more confident, you need to kick your outfits up a notch. There's nothing like feeling wonderful in the perfect outfit that's comfortable and says, "I know I look great." When you are wearing a cute outfit, you feel wonderful and it changes the way that you carry yourself, how others see you, and how you ultimately see yourself. Finish off your fabulous outfit with a cute gloss or lip color and be prepared to take on the world.

4. Don't disregard compliments: When someone gives you a compliment, take it for what it is worth. Instead of thinking that the compliment was someone just being nice or that the person was lying to you, believe him or her and show your gratitude. Say thank you and be gracious about it..and use the compliments to fuel your self-confidence.

Confidence comes with practice and it also takes time and energy to love the skin you're in. Work on your confidence daily. It feels better and better with time.