Listen Up: Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated: New York City Chronicles

The other day on my normal route to Brooklyn, NY, one of the five boroughs in New York City, I entered the 2 train, and sat in the seat directly across from a homeless man napping, while others sat on the other side of the train car. This made me think of how homeless people are treated on a daily, and also made me aware of the average New Yorkers "all about me attitude." As a community we need to take a step back and realize that homeless people are human too, and have feelings like the average person.

Ask yourself these questions, have I ever put money in my pocket before leaving the comfort of my home with hopes of blessing someone that day? Do I ever give something I am eating to a person in need? How many times a day do I smile at a random person, and say how has your day been? Do I ever stop to engage in small talk? If your answer is no or never to these questions then ask yourself this, how would I feel if I were on the other end of the spectrum, if I were that homeless person?

Although we may get annoyed at the daily solicitors on the train during rush hour, realize that many of these homeless people do not choose to be homeless. They are just put in unfortunate situations. Next question you might ask is what about homeless shelters? While you ask that, consider the positives as well as the many issues that come with homeless shelters. For example rape, the processes you have to go through to get in, or even the health conditions. Which list is longer? Many homeless people feel living on the streets is just simply a better choice.

Even though history tells us to have our guards up and be protective of our person, we must remember that things always have a way of coming back around full circle. It is called karma. So remember the Golden Rule: do unto to others as you want done unto you. If we do not act right towards others we have failed ourselves as well as our neighbors. It also says it on the train, be courteous to your fellow neighbor.