Listen Up: "Don't Let Hate Motivate", "Let Love Give You A Shove"

We are surrounded by a culture that thrives on the idea that people don't like them. Calling someone a "hater" has became a fashionable and trendy word that now escapes the lips of anyone who feels they are being "hated on". We sometimes spend a lot of our time focusing on who we think likes us and dislikes us. All over the internet there are phrases such as "let hate motivate" and "my haters are my motivators." These types of quotes and phrases constantly circulate social media and some people feel better about themselves in thinking that other people are "hating" on them.

Celebrities use the phrase "haters" as a badge of self-righteousness that places them above the realm of "ordinary" people. Celebrities who dismiss the "haters" have become the messengers of today, conveying the message that anyone disrespectful enough to criticize them automatically are deemed jealous of them and their celebrity lifestyle. "No haters" has become a convenient substitute for "no criticism" -- which is only one step from "no thought". In some instances, what people are receiving is criticism and is being passed off as coming from "haters" - we are moving more towards not wanting to hear any form of criticism by deeming it all hating.

Why don't we turn this negative thinking into positive thoughts and our attention to those who love and support us and let LOVE motivate. Let's stop trying to boost our self-esteems by concentrating and dwelling on who we think don't like us and start building our self-esteems by focusing on those who do. Motivation is about moving people to act in a way that achieves a specific and immediate goal. "Let love give you a shove". Let's focus on the positive supporters and motivators in our lives.

I challenge you to give the people who support you and motivate you credit on your social media feed with recognition for being a positive motivating force within your life.