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First Lady Michelle Obama Asks: Share 5 Tips For A Happy and Healthier Life #GimmeFive

The First Lady asked and we shall answer! In celebrating the 5th anniversary of Her "Let's Move" campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama asked the nation to share 5 tips for a happy and healthier life. We believe in heart health and with that comes a combination of exercise and healthy eating. 

Tips from Us:

1. Eat a piece of fruit with your breakfast every morning;

2. Drink 2 glasses of water with you meals; 

3. Blend a fruit and veggie smoothie once a day; 

4. On your break during the day either during work or school, go for a power walk. Put your head phones on and take a nice powerful walk for 30 minutes;

5. Take your multi-vitamin every day. Vitamins are a supplement that gives you extra nutrients where your body may be deficient. 

I challenge all of my readers to try these 5 tips. 

Let us know what 5 tips you want to share.