Social Media: Rewarding Bad Behavior: Today's Common Road To Celebrity Life & Stardom

We all remember the story from a few weeks ago about Jeremy Meeks "the sexy mugshot guy", the felon whose mug shot went viral.  After being arrested, his face was on so many news channels and plastered all over social media (including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).  He was also the talk in the workplace...who is that handsome guy all over the news?  It didn't take long but after going "viral" he was offered a $30,000 modeling contract with Blaze Models in Los Angeles.  His good looks didn't get him a modeling contract before he was arrested but it sure came easy after his mugshot was everywhere.

What are the odds?  Today, the odds are very high.  With the social media craze, bad behavior is now highly visible and rewarded if you are lucky enough to go "viral".  Society has taken social media to another level....at times, a detrimental one.  What are we teaching our youth?  The road to stardom and celebrity life is to do wrong so social media can possibly run its course and they can somehow become famous?  

This is just a reminder to you that having morals and values, being respectful, abiding by the law and going about life in a decent manner is still in.  Don't let what you see on TV, from the fighting on reality TV shows and who can bring the most drama to felon mugshots going viral, thwart you away from being the law abiding citizens that you are, who are successful in life from hard work and dedication to education and passion for your careers.  

We still need doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, architects...you get my drift. :-)

I'm sure you have seen this story already but just in case you didn't, here's the link to the Jeremy Meeks story.