Prom 2K16

So it's prom season again!! This is such an exciting time of the year. With so many great things going on like researching and selecting colleges to graduation pictures and senior trips, it's no wonder that this level of anticipation for prom is also on the top of the list of fun things to look forward to as the school year comes closer to an end. 

Picking out dresses, finding the right shoe, wondering how you're going to wear your hair are just a few of the things to consider in prom-prep mode.

Photo courtesy of: @AlishaMarie-YouTube Channel

Photo courtesy of: @AlishaMarie-YouTube Channel

While this is a very exciting time for most, prom season can be very stressful as well. While your planning for your big prom night, don't stress yourself about not having a prom date, if that is the case. Sometimes you have to do things alone and that's quite okay. Why set home and miss such a lovely event just because you weren't asked to the prom? Instead, find mutual friends who are going to the prom alone and plan to hang out with them on prom night. You worked hard throughout your school years and deserve to be present with or without a date and enjoy this memorable evening. Always remember, your beauty and self-worth is much bigger than being asked out on a prom date. Don't let not being asked to the prom determine how you feel about yourself. 

Remeber to have a blast, enjoy your friends and take lots of selfies. These are some of the most memorable years!