We are excited to announce the winner of our "Extraordinary Girl" campaign, Jaden Kennedey Johnson. At such a young age, where life is really just getting started, this young lady has achieved so much in a short amount of time. Jaden's dad, Ben, knew his daughter's story would be an inspiration to all. This young lady leaves no stone unturned. Her journey so far is truly remarkable and we are delighted to share it with you. 

Upon meeting Jaden, you would think she is a shy and timid girl, but once you are around her and she warms up to you, you will see quickly that she has a smile that lights up a room and a heart as big as New York!  

At the tender age of 11, and not without some challenges, you wouldn’t believe the road she has had to travel and the things that she has accomplished thus far. Bullied beginning at the age of four, this ambitious eleven year old went from victim to victor by focusing her time on her passions and building the impressive resume she now holds.  

Jaden has always taken her education very serious and she is a straight "A" student. She never fails to make honor roll every year and she has already determined that she will become a doctor one day. She also already knows what college she wants to attend as well. Her top choices are Harvard, Yale, or Duke…if that gives you any indication of how focused and determined she is!

Jaden has many hobbies and interests. She is a valued player on her soccer team where she plays the position of goalie. She also loves playing the violin, and in 2015, she was selected to perform with the all city orchestra, where few kids are chosen to represent their schools. 

In addition to maintaining her "A" average, playing soccer, and playing the violin, she also makes it her business to be heavily involved in her community and is always looking for ways to contribute her time to good causes. To name a few, she donates her time to the March of Dimes, Relay for Life, Donation St, Judeo Christian Outreach, Shriners Children’s Hospital, and Young, Bold & Beautiful. She also spends her time visiting the elderly and feeding the homeless.

This young lady wasn’t always so confident and discovered another true talent that helped propel her confidence and self-esteem…pageantry. Through pageantry, she found her voice, confidence, and true passion. She has held titles of 1st runner up – Miss Teen Norfolk 2013, Miss Pre-teen Hampton Roads 2014, Miss Pre-teen Virginia 2014, and most recently she won Miss Pre-teen New York 2015.

Last but surely not least, in an effort to address bullying (which she unfortunately knows all too well), she created a website and started a page on facebook called “Jaden’s Journey” which encourages children to have a voice against bullying. If that's not impressive enough, she is currently working on a book called “Imperfectly Perfect” to encourage girls to "embrace their flaws because it is what makes them perfect!" – WOW!!  I am proud to call this young lady my daughter! You can check out her website at JadensJourney.com and her facebook page link is www.facebook.com/missPreteenNewYork.
~ Ben Johnson AKA Proud Father