• Self-esteem Building
  • Career Development

  • Leadership Skills

  • Financial Health

  • Social Media Safety & Reputation


We R Listening mentors young women ages 13 to 22.  The mentoring program consists of our community mentoring outreach program and our e-mentoring program.

       I.     Community Mentoring Outreach Program: Our mentoring program provides mentoring to young women in schools, shelters, and at risk facilities.

       II.    E-mentoring Program: Our e-mentoring program provides a secure virtual community where supportive women and young women connect.  Mentoring takes place virtually for one hour per week.  It’s a free, convenient, flexible, private and confidential mentorship.  Young people utilize the internet and cell phone devices now more than ever and We R Listening’s mentors meet them at their comfort zone to give them a positive and effective experience in the e-mentoring program.

We R Listening’s mentors focus on personal development by incorporating a fun, interactive, and well-rounded curriculum of workshops into the mentoring sessions while also providing friendship, compassion, support and advice with personal experiences and challenges on topics such as school difficulties, career guidance, relationship advice, financial matters, family issues, education, current events, just to name a few. 

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SELF-ESTEEM building:  

We R Listening Inc. understands that a healthy self-esteem is a major key to success in life.  The development and sustainability of a positive self image or healthy self-esteem is extremely important to the happiness and success of all youth, especially our female youth.  During the early years, having a positive self-esteem can be challenging.  Many young women are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in and often times, their self-esteem fluctuates. 

WRL facilitates an informative and interactive self-esteem curriculum geared towards building self-esteem by focusing on what self-esteem is, what internal and external factors contribute to diminished self-esteem and how to build and maintain a healthy self-esteem by applying the strategies learned to everyday life. Loving oneself is imperative in life and WRL's goal is to make every young woman who is mentored by our mentors love themselves in a whole new way.


CAREER Development:  How To Land Your Dream Job

The mentors of We R Listening know the importance of making a good first impression while starting your career.  We also know that your first impression starts even before you are seen by the recruiter or the hiring manager.  It is our goal to give young women the proper guidance while they navigate through the path of working and building a career.  From crafting a professional resume and cover letter, to dressing for the job you want, we lay out the steps needed to help young women aim higher and dream bigger. 


FINANCIAL Health: Money Matters

We R Listening believes it is very important for young people to know and understand how to manage money in preparation for independent living one day.  WRL's financial curriculum focuses on the importance of understanding and sustaining good credit and the essentials to saving money. 

Reaching young girls as early as 13 years old provides the knowledge, information and visual tools necessary to start their lives off with positive financial health.  We believe knowledge is power and early exposure is essential.



We R Listening understands that leadership is the key to success in life and we encourage, support, and promote the world's future leaders - our youth.  WRL is dedicated to preparing its mentees for leadership in a world that needs their ideas, talents, imagination, intellect, and compassion. WRL's leadership curriculum will teach young girls how to think critically, lead confidently, and live honorably.



We R Listening's workshop objective is to inform the youth that what they do online will impact their lives offline. Also, to bring awareness that we are all branding ourselves from the time we open our first social media account so you want to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light always.