Some put you down for your hair. Different hair is beautiful. Dove + Kelly Rowland present Crown, a hair anthem to girls who wear the hair they love. Proudly.

Tracee Ellis Ross Shares Her Advice to Her 18-Year-Old Self


Loving yourself no matter what shape, size or color you are!


This 60 second video takes us on a journey from real to retouched.  This video illustrates just how clever lighting, make-up and digital manipulation distort our perceptions of beautiful women. The final product of print work goes through an array of edits and airbrushing before it is published in magazines, etc.  The ladies of We R Listening stress all the time to not compare yourself to models in magazines because, although they are beautiful in their own way just like you are, what you are observing in magazines took a lot of work and editing.


First Lady Michelle Obama and Charlize Theron offer a few wise words to teenage girls at a Glamour Magazine event.


Kerry Washington's amazing advice to her 18 year old self.  Everyone needs to hear this: