Aside from We R Listening's mentors' personal and professional years of experience, they also went through a series of training courses with the "Institute for Youth Success at Education Northwest"

How the e-mentoring program works:

  1. Mentee Registers with the E-Mentoring Program-->
  2. Mentor & Mentee Meet Virtually -->
  3. Mentee & Mentor begin their Mentoring Sessions once a week online -->
  4. Mentor works with Mentee on a curriculum that focuses on building self-esteem, leadership skills, career development, financial planning & social media reputation & branding-->
  5. Mentee now has the tools that will enable her to be a productive community member.

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Mentoring Program Overview

We R Listening Inc. is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2014.  We R Listening Inc. (hereinafter called "WRL") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides e-mentoring to girls ages 13-22.  WRL recognizes the positive impact that mentoring has on young people today and want to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Our e-mentoring program provides a confidential and secure online community where supportive women and girls connect.  WRL’s mentors focus on personal development by incorporating a structured curriculum into the mentoring sessions and providing friendship, love, support and advice with personal topics such as school challenges, career guidance, relationship advice, financial matters, family issues, education, current events, just to name a few, or simply just topics of the mentee's interest.  

Once matched, mentors and mentees meet online once a week through our online database for six months to a year.

Each week, they can log in from any computer (or cellphone), from any location and conduct their one hour, once a week, mentoring session online.  WRL understands that young people utilize the internet now more than ever and want to meet them at their comfort zone (virtually).

Since launching in 2014, We R Listening has had the privilege of e-mentoring numerous young women through its e-mentoring program.