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I'm going to say it and age myself, but this day and time, manners have flown out of the window!  Yes, I am currently looking around to see where my Grandparents are because I am *certain* one of them just said that.  In a time where the masses are vying for a place at the "table", it seems as though people have forgotten one major thing…

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And not to be a downer, but for those of us who aren't "attached" this day can really bring out the disinfectant spray in our personalities.  It is difficult to ignore the couples and the flowers and the candy and the canoodling, etc.  In no way am I saying that those things aren't lovely to have in life.  But I am saying, we all deserve it.  Maybe you aren't in that phase where having an S.O. is a priority.  In all honesty, I think there should be a term of S.S. <- significant SELF.  What if today I believe I deserve a dozen coral roses?  Or even that candy I have been slapping my own hand over every time I reach for it? 

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